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Coach Enrique has been consistently training in martial arts since 13 years old. His first two martial arts were Judo and Freestyle wrestling. After a few years a some modest success at competing Enrique wanted to try something new. He began his journey I'm Bjj and Combat SAMBO in 2017. He would later make the switch precision MMA later that year.

Enrique has his balckbelt on Judo (2012) and purple belt in Bjj in ( 2022). He has competed in Judo (4th at Junior nationals), Freestyle wrestling, Bjj( Silver at nationals), and SAMBO (Arnold sports festival Battle of Columbus 2023) and has achieved modest results.  

He has learned from many great instructors not just at Precision MMA but from all over. Some of these people are Mara Markovic-Siladi , Ways Erdman, Jimmy Pedro, Pat Burris , Isao Okano, David Dominy, Igor Yakimov and more. He wish is to make students better overall martial artist and people .

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